Example of small circuit boards designed and built by hams..

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Queen Creek amateur radio club members—or “hams” as we are sometimes called— have a diverse set of experience in most aspects of amateur radio. 

Some of us travel to far away places—some exotic, some sparsely inhabited, and some just not well known  — so that we can give other hams to opportunity to make contact with these normally hard-to-contact-locations.  Hams love to contact as many places as they possibly can—countries, states, provinces, counties, islands, mountain tops, national parks, special events, etc. 

Sometimes we do this for fun, sometimes we do it to improve our proficiency to predict radio propagation, optimum frequencies, or sometimes we compete with others in contests to test our skills under time constraints and with certain modes (voice, Morse code, via satellites, and more).

Some of us like to keep in touch with other hams on a local level by using equipment and networks just for that purpose.  Sometimes, these folks like to offer their communications expertise to assist their Town with community events.

Others like to contribute to the technical aspect of the hobby by experimenting with home made—or “home brewed” — projects.  These projects can range from making your own cables to designing and building your own radio gear, test gear, antennas — just about anything in our hobby can be home brewed at some level.

And most importantly, we enjoy sharing our knowledge of this hobby with interested folks—young, old, in between, groups (Scouts, school kids, service groups) — anyone looking to learn more.

73, Joe—N2QOJ

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Queen Creek Amateur Radio Club

Joe, N2QOJ